Pet Vet 3D Down Under

Pet Vet 3D Down Under 2.76

Enjoy this great game and learn about animals and their care
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In this great version of Pet Vet you will find great entertainment and challenge. Work at your own Veterinarian Hospital and make it grow. In this game you can select different places for your Vet Hospital like a nice beach, and you can open new levels if you reach different goals like curing a certain number of animals and reaching different amounts of earnings.
The main goal is to take care of different animals like dolphins, turtles, sharks, seals, bears, Koalas, kangaroos, and wombats, among others. You must find their illnesses and cure them. To check each type of animal and find his illness you must choose between different tools, they will help you to find the problem and solve it to save that type of animal. You must learn about animals to understand their situation to use the correct tools and give a correct diagnosis of each animal. You can buy books and study about each animal and their illnesses. Watch out and try not to make a mistake with your diagnosis or people won't return to your Vet.
In this game you must take care of your energy, try to rest or to eat and fill your energy when you don't have any patients.
To play this game is very easy, all you need is your mouse, move your mouse over your objective and press the left mouse button to select your choice.
This game allows you to start a game, to set options like music, sound and full screen or you can exit the game.

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